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You see her first as just a flash of colour on a crowded street...

 Her dress' movement has caught your eye. It hugs her long frame and as you approach you notice how soft the skin on her neck looks. Suddenly, she turns, she has felt that you are watching her and you prepare for a stern look. Her dark eyes focus on you and you instinctively step backwards as she is quite tall - lean but with the look that she could take care of herself if need be...

As you brace yourself for her wrath she breaks into a wide grin, her eyes soften and you see they are a deep brown. A flush rises to her cheeks and she chuckles to herself; she knows she's fooled you ...or did she?

There is certainly a mystery there, perhaps cunning, but it is definitely tempered with a silly sweetness. You realize you haven't asked her name...

Hello, I'm Vivien,

I do have an intensity about me but I think channeled into the context of a date this intensity feels lush as you'll be immersed in my attentions. I believe the perfect aperitif to great sex is rowdy conversation and deep laughter. Best for hand talkers but I believe I can put just about anyone at ease with my open and friendly demeanor. I take great pleasure in drawing out what what makes a person more ways than one.

I consider myself an excellent conversationalist whether that means discussing current affairs or reading the cues of your body as I bring you to a state of bliss. I'm versatile and enjoy taking the lead or following depending on what suits the mood. I am also very happy to take things slowly, and move at the speed of trust for those who may be uninitiated or who need a little guidance to get things going.  My main concerns are consent and comfort and it is my pleasure to take care of you.


Height - 5'10''

Body Type - Tall but well proportioned

Orientation - Bisexual

Favourite Food - Cheese + Cured meat + Anything brined

Interests - Filmmaking, Psychedelics, Horticulture, Music, History, Marshall McLhuhan

I hope that this gives you a little taste of who I am. If it intrigues you  feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page 


Sincerely Yours,

Vivien Lake

Follow the link HERE for my twitter page and other considerations

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