There are a few ways to get a hold of me. My preference is that the first contact we have with each other be through my booking form, found below. Please fill it out in full. If you have questions that are not answered in my

FAQ + Booking Etiquette


If you feel you are better served by email I can be reached at


Generally speaking, I am a woman about town and so I am not often able to just throw on my lingerie and head out the door after you've called. I love being at my best for you, but to do that I need notice, so as to make arrangements for space and to get ready.


There are some days when I will  have the capacity to do same day bookings. Please see my Booking Etiquette section for details on this and how best to get a hold of me. All of this said it is definitely my advice to make a prebooking at least 24hrs in advance. My schedule will be posted monthly on my twitter page which can be found by visiting my linktree HERE



*You will not be phoned unless agreed upon in advance*



:Your full

legal name, birth-date, phone number, and government issued ID




A LinkedIn link


  a blank email from your work address that includes your title and department



A provider you have seen before needs to be able to vouch for you. I will need their name, email address, phone number, and website

Booking Form
please fill out in full

Thank You!