All rates listed are for my time only and are non-negotiable. Please visit my Booking Etiquette page for clarification.


I have access to a few spaces in Downtown Toronto, please inquire so we can decide which one best suits your needs.

I strongly recommend pre-booking to ensure you can see me when you wish.


Choice of space may be limited if booking same day.


All outcalls require an additional $50 travel fee unless the booking is 2hrs or longer.

In order to confirm the booking I will need to call your room via the hotel switchboard.

No motels



Best for returning guests as time always flies when you're having fun, and introductions are important.

1 hr       

1.5 hrs      


Perfect for first time meetings especially if it's your first time with a provider.

2 hrs       


The IDEAL meeting. This gives us plenty of time to relax/catch up and enjoy each other to our heart's content.

3 hrs     


An opportunity to take things deliciously slow and savour each touch and caress.




Looking for some quality time out of the boudoir? Let's grab coffee and you can tell me all about your day.



Please note that you will be responsible for all ticket, food, and transportation costs


The Primrose Path


I'll show you my favourite flowers!

An hour at Allen's Gardens +  an hour of play time

1hr social + 1hr of play


of Desire


Take me to the movies!

A quick meal/drink + a film of your choice + an hour of play time

2hrs social + 1hr of play

Sugar in My Bowl


Let's have each other for desert...

Two hours for dinner + two hours of play time

2hrs social + 2hrs of play

Giant Steps


Let's paint the town red at a live show!

A concert or show + two hours of play time

3 hrs social + 2 hrs of play

Extended Dates


Please note that you will be responsible for all ticket, food, accommodation, and transportation costs


8 hrs


Let's go out to dinner and then enjoy each other for as long as we like, that is until it's time to fall asleep in each other's arms.

12 hrs


Dinner, and the time to take things slow like honey, not to mention morning delights, and breakfast.

24 hrs


A day and a night! Let's explore the city and settle back into each other's arms or simply spend the day in bed. It's up to you.

48 hrs


A whole weekend to ourselves! Perhaps a road trip somewhere quiet where we could hike and really be left to our devices


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